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Staff Directory

Laurie Boyce-Fischer Principal Front Office
Kristina Hillmer Assistant Principal Front Office
Eva Garcia Principal Secretary Front Office
Margaret Rodriguez Assistant Principal Secretary Front Office
Diane Mahoney Office Clerk Front Office
Debra Johnston School Nurse Front Office
Amy Buono Full Day Kindergarten 110
Lynn Diehl Full Day Kindergarten 108
Christa Jennings Full Day Kindergarten 107
Bridget Stewart Full Day Kindergarten 109
Suzy Bell First Grade 123
Jennifer Gerdes First Grade 126
Sofia Gonzalez First Grade 125
Nancy Trusk First Grade 124
Alyssa Graham Second Grade 122
Melissa Guerrini Second Grade 111
Julie K. Johnson Second Grade 112
Christine Wolinski Second Grade 121
Laila Gunlock Third Grade Honors 118
Takisha Hill Third Grade 116
Rachel Lynch Third Grade 117
Christy Teare Third Grade 115
Janet Edson Fourth Grade Honors 209
Allison Friedland Fourth Grade 204
Stacey Grobstein Fourth Grade 205
Laura Vido Fourth Grade 203
Mindy Carman Fifth Grade 216
Angela Dunda Fifth Grade 210
Denise Goshert Fifth Grade 214
Meredith Sikes Fifth Grade 211
Diane Tolbert Fifth Grade Honors 217
Valerie Larsen Speech and Language Path. 133
Lauren Ledvina Speech and Language Path. 135
Laura Chesky Hearing Itinerant 201
Amelia Simpson Vision Itinerant  201
Jeremy Anderson PE 119
Kelsey Ziemnik PE 119
Jason Holzwarth PE 119
Caryn Arriaga Art  102
Alyssa Bach Music  101

Serena Heiser

Dornetta Davis

Media Specialist

Media Clerk

Media Center

Media Center

Anne Mudron-Querio Reading Specialist  104
Kathryn Agosto Reading Specialist 103
Andrea Bowen Learning Specialist 130
Michelle Larson ELL  106
Sue Misra ELL  106
Erin Landshaft Social Worker 213
Shirley Morris Social Worker  138
Casey O'Donnell Psychologist  129
Katharine Palermo OT  128
Jan Kost PT 128
Kristen Murphy PT 128
Melissa Cavenaile Cross-Categorical 114
Coletta DeSanto Cross-Categorical 132
Jennifer Engle Cross-Categorical 206
Shannon Smith Cross-Categorical 127
Chrissy Lopez Paraprofessional  
Jennifer Rebhan Paraprofessional  
Mary Wolff Paraprofessional  
Elzbieta Biziorek Paraprofessional  
Kimberly Williams Special Education Administrator-Red House  
Sue Knoelk Districtwide Reading Specialist-Red House  
Jordan Stephens Early Childhood 113
Elizabeth Petrovic Paraprofessional  
Dana Rakoci Early Childhood 120
Mary Beth Perkins Paraprofessional  
Custodial Staff    
Michael Forrest Head Custodian Custodial Office
Rosa Sandoval Shift Supervisor Custodian Custodial Office
  Custodian Custodial Office
Fidelia Maldonaldo Custodian Custodial Office


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